Dispersion Kneader

SLACH HYDRATECS Hitech rigid and robust tilt discharge dispersion kneader/intensive mixer designed and developed for high quality and optimum mixing performance of rubber, plastic and other polymers with different ingredients with minimum power consumption. Engineered for easy maintenance featuring self contained and floor mounted needs no foundation or grounting. The mixing chamber tilts at 140 degree angle for fast and easy discharge and loading of compound and easy cleaning for batch to batch consistency .

Conventional dispersion kneader

  • 1) Single piece alloy steel casted rigid & robust main mixing chamber, end frame, pressure lid, hardened lips and hardchrome plated for longer working life.
  • 2) Alloy steel mixing rotor, hard deposits through special grade material and hardchrome plated . The contour & geometry of rotor edges specially designed and proved for optimum mixing performance, output and results.
  • 3) Most effective, positive, self lubricating seals, (dust stop) designed to minimize to oxidization of chemical and dust .
  • 4) Specially designed heavy duty reliable multi-stage hellical gearbox unit for lower power consumption.
  • 5) Easy to use standard control - easy to use simplified panel controls with all basic functions. Safety interlock to protect operator & equipment. The batch is protected from over or under mixing with exclusive audible alarm .
  • 6) Water jacketing in both the side plates for effective cooling of the chamber.

Models Available

  • High Speed Mixer
  • Conventional / Standard Mixer


  • Fully Hydraulically Operated
  • Back Feed and Front Discharge

Back Feed & Front Discharge Model Features

  • 1) Clean shopfloor as material is to be loaded from rear.
  • 2) Easy to handle raw Material .
  • 3) Easy to operate panel , can be mounted on the back side of the machine
  • 4) Bucket conveyor can be installed on front side of the machine to load the batch fro the kneader to mixing mill or twin screw hopper.
  • 5) Easy to maintain

Kneader With Back Feed and Front Discharge

Fully Hydraulically Operated Dispersion Kneader

Slach Hydratecs Hi-tech Disersion Kneader fully hydraulically operated gives high dispersive mixing as the hydraulic ram exerts positive pressure on the batch and can be controlled accurately through valves. This results in high batch to batch consistency. the discharge of the material is done through hydraulic cylinder with noise free operation.

Fully Hydraulically Operated Main Ram and Tilting

Available Models:

03 Ltrs. to 250 Ltrs, on regular basis. Higher sizes on demand.

Salient Features:

  • Mixing through close loop
  • Main rotor drive - hydraulic by way of high torque low speed hydraulic motor.
  • Feeding hopper - hydraulically operated with auto compensated hydraulic system
  • Compact construction - occupying less space. a complete integrated unit.
  • Minimum maintenance due to lesser frictional mechanics.
  • Minimum operational cost due to single power pack motor.
  • No air compressor required.
  • Savings on power consumption.

Conventional Dispersion Kneader Technical Data

High Speed Mixer Salient Features

  • 1) Less mixing time as compared to conventional kneader
  • 2) Fully Plc operated (optional)
  • 3) High efficiency temperature controlled rotors with tip cooled design.
  • 4) Driven pulley is solid high-density design to generate high shearing force and transmission effect. This reduces the power consumption during blending.
  • 5) Better hopper design for efficient mixing of raw material


  • 1) Models can be changed due to Continues Research & Development.
  • 2) Fully P.L.C. Controlled Models also available.